"We are dedicated to make medication use safer and will review your medication regimen to ensure treatment is safe, effective, and free from drug/drug as well as drug/disease conflicts."

Maulin Patel RPh.

Priya Patel RPh.

Your Pharmacists

At Penlar Pharmacy, we engage patients as active partners in their care, looking out for their best interests to ensure their health care dollars are prudently and effectively spent.

Q: I want to add supplements to my regimen. Can you make recommendations?


​A: Yes! Penlar Pharmacy can make personal recommendations for vitamins and supplements based on age, medical conditions, and present medication regimen - and help you to steer clear of dangerous interactions.

Q: I’m not sure what my insurance covers. Can Penlar Pharmacy help?


​A: Yes! Penlar Pharmacy will help you understand and resolve insurance issues. And we’ll even get you all the answers before you arrive.

Q: I am helping to care for my parents and am worried about keeping track of their prescriptions. Can you make it easier?​


A: Yes! Penlar Pharmacy can make a patient’s medications available all at one time—refilled at the same time each month. It helps keep patients on track with medications, and means a single trip to the pharmacy each month (or we can deliver it right to your door—for free).

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